About Us

                                                               ABOUT US – ARDI TOUR AND TRAVEL           

ARDI means ‘ground floor’ in one of Ethiopian “afar language”. It is a tour and travel operation company based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Ardi Ethiopia Tour and Travel company is legally registered and one of the reputable company which has got recognition from Ministry of Culture and Tourism. It is established in 2010 as soon as the primitive fossilized skeletal remains of female Ardipithecus Ramidus or simply Ardi was discovered and become known to the world .

The owners and managers of the company are well- experienced couple running their own Madawalabu Hotel and Tourism Catering Collage. The company has permanent   professional Staffs such as tour operator, tour guide, cook, logistic officer and reservation officer graduated from recognized tourism college .There knowledge of theoretical and practical aspects of tourism is immense. In addition to enhance the knowledge of the staff , the company offers continues on job training courses .The company is equipped with modern fleets of different types including 4WD Land cruisers, Coaster buses, Automobiles of different types .


The main objective of Ardi Tour and Travel Agency includes:

  • To promote historical, cultural and natural heritages of Ethiopia and enhance country’s image
  • Earn reasonable income from tourism sector and contribute to the overall economy of the country.
  • To create job opportunity for young professional who graduates from Tourism college
  • Promote sustainable tourism development and marketing Activities

           OUR SERVICE

  • Organizing tailored and regular tour packages on all tourist destination of the country.
  • Providing comprehensively insured, standard and modern vehicles for rental service.
  • Offering Hotel rooms , air plane seat reservation and booking service
  • Delivering multi lingual professional guide service.
  • Transfer assistant services from the air port to hotel, guest house and work places.
  • Travel advise and consulting services

          OUR VISION

Our vision is to see Ethiopia become the leading Africa’s tourist destination as a result our enterprise involvement.


With its fabulous 3,000 year history, diverse peoples and culture its magnificent scenery embracing every land from high mountain plateau to the deserts, Ethiopia is a tourist paradise. In addition, the ’13 month of sun shine’ that characterize one of the finest climate in Africa, the incredibly varied wildlife and avifauna for which the country is famous and its hospital people make Ethiopia an emerging preferred holiday destination by many travel enthusiasts.

Ethiopia is situated in the horn of Africa. It has total area of 1,251,000 km with divers and extensive natural surroundings. The country is home to one of to the oldest Christian civilization in the world. And with the longest archeological record of any country on earth, it is also credited being the ‘cradle of humankind’.

The church in Axum Shelters the original Ark of the Covenant brought from Israel by King Menelik I of Ethiopia. In addition it is in Axum that the famous pre-Axumite obelisk stands and the erection of these obelisks dates back to 300-200 BC. The tallest (33m) has fallen down; the second (27m) was stolen by the Italians during their occupation and now returned back and erected on its original place, the third (23m) still stands.

Ethiopia is the first country to adopt Christianity and built a church on African soil at Axum. Christianity crossed the border in the 4th Century AD during the time of the Axumite kingdom in the time of the two twin brothers King Abreha (Ezana) and Atsbeha (Saizana).

The 12th-century town of Lalibela, located in north-west Ethiopia, has been home to the extraordinarily carved rock-hewn churches since the reign of King Lalibela. These eleven rock-hewn churches are sometimes referred as the” eighth wonder of the world”. Gondar, the town of castles and the 17th century Ethiopian capital has great historical significance.