Maskel Finding of the True Cross (Meskal)


Two –day’s festival and the most colorful festival after timkat,
meskal is celebrated on meskerem 17 or Sep 27. Bonfires are built
topped by a cross to which aday  ababa flowers are tied, bonfires
liters after blessings, dancing and singings take place and priests
don their full regalia whilst meskel is celebrated,

During this time of the year flowers gloom on mountain and plain and the meadows are yellow with the brilliant Meskal daisy. Dancing, feasting, merrymaking, bonfires and even gun salutes mark the occasion. The festival begins by planting a green tree on Meskal eve in town squares and village market places. Everyone brings a pole topped with Meskal daisies to form the towering pyramid that will be a beacon of flame. Torches of tree branches tied up together called “Chibo” are used to light the bundle called “Demera”.