Northern Highlight

Tour overview

Tour Code:                     AETT-HR 04

Duration:                        8days 7night

Tour Title:                      Northern Highlight

Transportation:             Surface and Flight

Tour Itinerary

 Day1.  Take early flight to Bahirdar and transfer to hotel for check-in, and then make boat trip on Lake Tana, the largest highland lake in Ethiopia and enjoy visiting the island monasteries of Ura Kidane Mehret & Azua Mariam. In the afternoon drive about 32kms to visit & admire the Blue Nile falls (locally called Tissiat, or “Smoking Water”).

Day2.  In the morning, drive about 180kms to Gondar (3hours drive with a stopover), which was the capital city of Ethiopia in the 17th century. After a quick check in and lunch break in the hotel, drive to visit the site of ancient castle palaces of different emperors constructed in the European middle age architectural style, the church of Debre Birhan Silassie (Gonderian style church built during the reign of Emperor Iyasu (1682 -1706).The church is rectangular, similar to those of ancient Axumite architecture. The inside walls of the front room are covered with paintings on cloth, glued to the surface. The ceiling is built with thick beams and decorated with winged angel heads looking down. Overnight in a hotel

Day3.  Morning after breakfast drive the Semien Mountains National Park, known for its breathtaking landscape, afro-alpine vegetation and unique wildlife. Make little walk in the park to spot the endemic Wallia Ibex, Gelada Baboon, Klipspringer, etc. Overnight in Debark a hotel.

Day4.  Morning after breakfast drive to the historical town of Axum, which is 270 km from Debark through the Semien mountain spectacular scenery and Tekeze river valley. Overnight hotel

Day5. Morning visit Axum town the city of giant Obelisk’s, and start your from the extraordinary obelisks recorded as a world heritage site , the tomb of king Remhay (1st to 4th century AD), the church of St. Mary of Tsion (17th & 20th century AD), in one of which the Ethiopians hosted the Ark of the Covenant. In the afternoon visit the remaining sites of Axum such as Dingur Palace (believed to be the palace of the queen of Sheba) and the tombs of famous Kings ;Kaleb & Gebre Meskel.

 Day6.  In the morning fly to Lalibella, with Ethiopian airlines and drive about 26Kms for your transfer to hotel. After check-in, start visiting the rock hewn churches of Lalibella which includes: Bete Medhanealem, Bete Mariam, Bete Meskel, Bete Denagil and Bete Michael/Gologota, called the 1st group (according to their geographical location). Late in the afternoon, visit the stunning Bete Giorgis, which was hewed out with the perfect architectural work to symbolize the Greek cross. Overnight in a Hotel

Day7.  Early in the morning make an excursion to Asheten Mariam church by a mule, where you will see the semi-monolithic church which was carved out and built by the nephew of King Lalibela. In the afternoon, visit the remaining churches in Lalibela which includes: Bete Emanuel, Bete Rafael and Gabriel, Bete Merkorius and Bete Aba-Libanos, often called the 2nd group of churches according to their geographical location. Overnight in Hotel

Day8.  Fly from LALIBELA back to Addis & lunch will be in one of the restaurants in ADDIS ABABA; after lunch break visit sites of the capital city, National museum (The house of the Oldest hominid “LUCY”) and trinity Cathedral Church (The final resting place of the last emperor of Ethiopia Hailesilasie I). In the Evening you will have a fare well dinner in one of the Ethiopian restaurants for cultural dinner and dances from different ethnic groups. After testing and participating in the traditional buffet dinner and dances, transfer to the airport to fly back home.

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